Veteran Phillip Lim

Purple Heart Recipient Thrives in Newest Mission to Earn Degree

U.S. Marine Corps Tank Commander Phillip Lim traded teaching 18-year-olds how to use M1A1 main battle tanks at Fort Benning […]

Marine Corps Vet & MCU Alumnus Eric Targon

“The combat vet card doesn’t work forever, but a degree from MCU can go a long way.” – Eric Targon, […]

Meet Student Veteran Tyler Winowiecki

“MCU provides veterans with the tools necessary to be successful with not just their education, but with their transition into […]

Meet Student Veteran Austin Deblasi

  Student Veteran Austin Deblasi (right) is a Sophomore who is majoring in Business and is also the Vice President […]

MCU Alumnus and U.S. Navy Veteran Kevin Brown Shares his Success Story

Kevin Brown, served as a Logistics Specialist 2nd Class in the United States Navy and deployed three times with the […]