Marine Corps Vet & MCU Alumnus Eric Targon

Eric Targon in uniform“The combat vet card doesn’t work forever, but a degree from MCU can go a long way.” – Eric Targon, 2018

Alumnus Eric Targon, Business – Entrepreneurship major, class of 2018, served 4 years as a Corporal, Tank Crewman, in the United States Marine Corps. While stationed at 29 Palms, he deployed to the Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2013. After graduating as a member of MCU’s Class of 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Entrepreneurship, Eric landed a job as a Sales Trainee with Dole Fresh Fruit. Here what Eric has to say about his experience as a student veteran at MCU:

Briefly describe why, as a veteran, you chose to attend MCU? What was it about the university that drew you in?

I chose MCU because of the small classes and the genuineness the facility had for the students and their success

Briefly describe your experience at MCU.

I had a great time. I learned through real world experience as well as in class. It very much had a family feel while getting an education.

Do you feel you are receiving the support necessary for you to be a successful student?

Veterans get support in many different ways and I never had to ask for it, the teachers would accommodate all students to ensure their success

What type of support did you receive as a student veteran specifically? What type of programs/opportunities/services are geared toward student vets that you feel are beneficial?

The Student Veterans Organization helped us learn about what we can do specifically for our future because we were already planning out our goals after graduation.

Do you feel you received the support/guidance necessary to secure employment after graduation? If you have secured employment, can you please tell us the organization name, your title, and job type (full-time, part-time, etc?)

I do feel like the support and guidance is there before and after graduation. I now work at Dole Fresh Fruit in Westlake Village CA. I am full time as a Sales Trainee and will be promoted to Assistant District Manager within 6 months.

If you are a member of the Student Veterans Organization, can you describe your experience? Please list any positions that you hold with the Veteran’s Org. Do you feel the organization and the vet center are supportive and helpful for your experience at MCU?

I held every position in the SVO over the 3.5 years I was there and I feel like it is supportive and helpful now. It hasn’t been that way forever. During my first 2 years we did alright with bridging the gap between students and vets and when I graduated, it was an even more successful organization.

Why do you feel MCU is a good fit for veterans? How did the previously mentioned qualities impact your experience at MCU?

Size and 1 on 1 support are my main reasons why I feel MCU is a good fit for vets. We are likely older, with families and the school gives us that leeway to handle home life as well. The location doesn’t hurt either!

What would you say to a veteran who is considering attending MCU?

“The combat vet card doesn’t work forever, but a degree from MCU can go a long way.”

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